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About Us

Let Me Tell You A Story…

But first, welcome to INSANE Inspiration, where we advocate tenacity, persistence, and the undying spirit of resilience. 

Founded by Yahawkquah Lee, INSANE Inspiration is not merely a brand. It is a 33 year testament of relentless pursuit, and a story of chasing dreams against the fiercest odds. Yahawkquah’s path was fraught with excruciating challenges that tested his resolve, where hope was both a tormentor and a savior at the same time. His full story can be read in his book on Amazon titled: Battle to Remain Sane.

In the end, Yahawkquah’s life's journey taught him a profound truth—the essence of true inspiration is not in never facing darkness, but in choosing to light a candle, no matter how feeble its glow. 

The acronym for I.N.S.A.N.E means: "I'll Never Stop Achieving, Not Ever!" This powerful mantra encapsulates the methodology behind the brand.

  • Integrity: Our mantra embodies the sincerity of our journey, holding true to dreams, no matter the challenge.
  • Never-ending: Reflecting Yahawkquah's indomitable spirit, our brand is a symbol of endless pursuit and passion.
  • Strength: Each setback has only added to our resilience, making us stronger, more determined.
  • Achievement: We chase success against all odds, inspired by the belief that it’s always within reach.
  • Notability: Our brand is for the bold, the dreamers who dare to make their mark, regardless of the whispers of doubt.
  • Endurance: INSANE Inspiration embodies stick–to–itiveness, a rare quality that we hold in high regard and integrate into our essence.

Our brand speaks to those who look beneath the surface, who seek motivation that goes deeper than conventional messages. For the visionaries, the relentless souls who have braved the storms and still chase the dawn—you are not alone. Together, with INSANE Inspiration, we are invincible.

Yahawkquah's journey encapsulates our core values: tenacity, resilience, and an unyielding spirit. It's a story of not just surviving but thriving, of pushing limits and never losing sight of one's dreams, no matter how distant they may seem.

Target Market

INSANE Inspiration reaches out to a wide audience—artists yearning for their next creation, entrepreneurs navigating the tumultuous seas of business, or anyone who has faced the abyss yet chose to forge ahead.

Join Our Journey

Step into a world where motivation is redefined, where dreams are chased with fervor, and hope is a guiding light, not a fleeting shadow. With I.N.S.A.N.E Inspiration, discover a companion in your quest for greatness, a symbol of what it means to never give up.

Because at I.N.S.A.N.E Inspiration, we live by the creed—I'll Never Stop Achieving, Not Ever!